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Cartel Mogul is an Idle Time Game where you purchase Production facilities and hire dealers to sell your goods.

Build your Cartel by purchasing production facilities and build up an inventory of goods. Make your fortune by hiring dealers to sell your goods.

Start small, buying a Pot Farm and hiring a Street Thug to sell the pot. As your wealth increases you can purchase other types of production facilities and different types of dealers. Serving Prison Time will earn you Street Cred that can be used to purchase valuable, permanent bonuses. Prove that Escobar’s got nothing on you!



We've done our best to translate Cartel Mogul into other languages to make them easier to play around the world.

However, our budgets are limited and our resources are small, so we've had to do it the best we can without spending a ton hiring outside translators. Between our highschool level German and French (at least what we still remember from many years ago), and the gracious help of our fans, we think we've got a few languages done reasonably well. But we're sure we've messed up some of these translations (they don't really teach you much about crack dealer slang in high school German after all), and that's where you come in!

If you would like to help translate, we created a Google Sheets doc with all the needed translation strings. Please Check the Google Sheets Doc here.

And if we do end up using your translations, we'll make sure to reward you with lots of SquidCoin!

Getting Started with Cartel Mogul

Basic Help - Basic instructions for the game.

Game Mechanics - Details on the mechanics and formulas that make the game tick.

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